Month: December 2016

Mthetho Mapoyi in The New York Times

Mthetho in NYT.png

“Opera singer Mthetho Mayobi, 28, [is] part of a new generation of creatives from South Africa…”

Mthetho Mapoyi (or as The New York Times calls him, “Mthetho Mayobi”) has been busy this past month.  After seeing The Creators: South Africa Through the Eyes of Its Artists, The Times chose Mthetho to feature as the opening act in its “Cape Town Stories,” a short film commissioned by Belvedere Vodka as the finale for its three-part series on South Africa’s artists, entrepreneurs, and its HIV/AIDS epidemic.

“Chapter One: Mthetho” consists of Mthetho describing his life, and the role of opera music in his world, since the death of his mother:

“I sang Una Furtiva Lagrima for my mother’s funeral.  Now when I sing Una Furtiva Lagrima, I’m telling her how much I love her.  When I sing, I like to imagine that the room is empty.  There’s only one person that I can imagine there.  And I sing for her.”