Month: August 2014

Faith47 Paints Warwick Triangle

Kierran Allen Photography - Faith 47 -08 copy

On Warwick triangle, Faith47 says, “I’m specifically interested in exploring this notion of the informal economy.
I was struck by the potent energy of this area.  The paintings are portraits of some of the traders in the area,
a tribute to the everyday man on the street.”

faith47 - pic by Michelle Hankinson

“So much of our shared space and our city architecture is alienating to the individual.
Interventions within public spaces allow for a visual gap in which people can breathe and feel again”

faith47 - Luca Barausse Photography-9174faith47 - pic by Michelle Hankinson -1faith47 - pic by Michelle Hankinson -3Kierran Allen Photography - Faith 47 -13 copy